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Sound Proof Specifications

Sound – Attenuated & Weather – Protective Enclosures

The sound proof or enclosure is a passive noise treatment that controls the power generating set noise and reduces high noise levels into acceptable and environment friendly noise level.

KYNN gives you an option of protecting your electrical diesel generators with sound attenuated enclosures. These enclosures provide an ideal working condition for the generators under various circumstances.

These sound proof generators not only limit the generator from producing high decibels of sound and noise, but they also protect the generator from harsh weather conditions.

For example, the soundproof for the generator can protect your electrical diesel generating set from rain, snow, sand storms, and other environmental factors that effects the generator.



KYNN diesel generators enclosures are designed carefully to ensure the lowest noise level using high density sound absorbing material and highly effective aeration system.

These enclosures are designed in compliance with International Quality Standards and on modular principles with many interchangeable components permitting on site repair with easy access to the engine for maintenance operations and other actions.

Also, our generators enclosures are designed to protect the generators with lockable access doors for fuel fill, battery security, fully guarded cooling fan & battery charging alternator.