Load Calculater

  We always recommend our valued customers to evaluate their power needs before buying a power generator. It is highly suggested to look for a label of your every electrical appliance that you want to power during the electrical shortage or load shedding. Calculate the watts of each electrical appliance to determine the generator size you require. Mega Power Engineering and Services always take care of its customers, and for your convenience we are providing a calculator to assess your required power load. Please use our load calculator carefully; our automated system will evaluate your required power load in KVA.
Air Conditioners Appliances
0.75 Tons Computers
1 Ton Air Cooler
1.5 Tons Fax Machine
2 Tons Freezers
3 Tons Heaters
4 Tons Ovens
1.5 Tons (Windows AC) Printers
Bulbs Tube Light
60 Watt TV
100 Watt Vacuum Cleaner
200 Watt VCR
Fans Water Pump
Fans Motor
Ceiling Fan UPS Small
Exhaust Fans UPS Large
Appliances Neon Sign
Photo Copier Energy Saver
Spot Light Iron
Search Light DVD Player
Water Dispenser Water Filter
Electric Kettle Computer Servers